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    This is a small selection of content I have produced and designed in the last 20+ years of my work.
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  • Lacoste World Trade Center

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  • A journey through my works

    This short video summarize some of the projects completed during my first decade of works.

  • Strategic and Creative. Loyal and Goal Driven.

    It's the challenge that motivates me, the pride to see a dream come to life.

    I believe in what I do and dedicate all my energies to what I love.

  • My Mantra has always been: It's kind of fun to do the impossible.

  • My Passions:


    I have always loved the freedom you experience when you ride. I dream when the music vibrates inside of me. I have always loved to build. My ultimate goal is to combine all these passions together.


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    Director of Architecture and Store Design for the Americas 
    – Present
    In this role, Daniele coordinates a team responsible to manage architectural and interiors projects for Lacoste in Canada, United States, Central and South America.
    The Mission is to build stores, increase the desirability of the brand through an enhanced customer experience.
    Create efficiency in processes, costs, planning and communication.
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    Diesel USA Inc. (Diesel)

    Head of Interior Design Department 
    – Jan 2014
    Daniele was in this role since september 2006 when Diesel HQ assigned him in United States to coordinate all the Retail, Wholesale and Corporate Projects for Diesel.
    In this role he designed retail stores, showrooms, offices, corners.
    Coordinated a team of project managers and creatives with the goal to implement and consolidate the brand identity and integrity in the USA.
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    Senior Interior Designer 
    – Aug 2006
    Design of retail stores, offices, corners, fashion shows, venues for event, set design, product design within the Creative Team of Diesel.
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    Onyx Fashion

    Interior Designer Project Manager 
    – Aug 2001
    In this role Daniele was in charge of the design of the Retail stores as well as of the design of the display windows. Interesting project to mention is the PJM of the Sets for the MTV Shows "TRL" made in collaboration with ONYX.
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    Istituto Europeo di Design

    – May 2001
    For IED Daniele held Work Shops on Retail Development Strategy.
    For two years he was assistant teacher of Professor Claudio Andreoli in the course of Product Design.
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    Norman Disco Club

    Resident Deejay Manager 
    – Jan 1999
    Daniele has exploit his passion for music contributing for years to the success of one of the most famous underground clubs in center Italy. he has played has deejay as well as managed the club, organizing the night and events, concerts and performance. One of his first interior design project was the renovation of the interiors of the Norman Club in 1993. This project opened his career as an interior designer.

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    Istituto Europeo di Design

    First Degree in Industrial Design 1997 - 1999


    The 3 years program consisted in courses of product design, architecture,  interiors,set design, lighting, illustration, art and design history, 



    Award best 10 designers 

    Assigned by the Institute to produce the project for the 1999 Neapolis Music Festival. 

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    Università degli Studi di Perugia

    Engineering 1992 - 1996

    Educational qualifications:

    Attended and passed 3 years at the Building Engineering Department. 

    The program consisted in courses of architecture, structural engineering, mathematical studies, urban planning, technical studies. 

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    Istituto Tecnico per Geometri di Perugia

    High School Diploma 1970 - 1970



    Surveyor and architectural studies

  • Projects and References


    • 5th Ave Diesel Flagship Store (New York City) - Project Leader/Creative Concept.
    • San Francisco Diesel Flagship Store (San Francisco) - Project Leader/Creative Concept.
    • Los Angeles Diesel Flagship Store - Project Leader/Creative Concept. 
    • New Diesel USA Head Quarters Building (New York City) - Project Leader/Creative Concept.
    • New Diesel Kid Head Quarters (Vicenza - Italy) - Project Leader/Creative Concept.
    • More then 300 other stores, showrooms, shop in shop, venue design for events with Diesel in USA and worldwide. - Project Leader/Creative Concept.
    • Diesel U Music Competition - Design of venues.
    • Diesel Kid Retail Concept - Development of the brand image in the fashion retail environment.
    • TRL and Roma Live for MTV Shows and Onyx (TV brand and Fashion brand) - Project Manager.
    • Norman Club Perugia (Discoteque) - Interior Design.
    • 152 Store - Development of Brand Image and store concept.


    • 2010 Retail design Institute NY - Best retail Store - 5th Ave Diesel Flagship Store

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